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Discover the Gems of Copper Deposits Near Balkhash Lake

Exploration has started

 Copper porphyry region

Perfect infrastructure

More than 1300

for exploration

Professional geological team

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Our Project

•The project is located in Central Kazakhstan among many deposits of copper, gold and molybdenum

•Mining town of Balkhash-25 km

•Copper Smelter

•Heavy Rail

•Power Lines

•Paved Road Access​

Targets of the Balkhash project

  • Areas beside two operating mines

  • Lithocaps suggest entire porphyry system is intact

  • Seven separate porphyry targets have been identified

  • Along prominent NW porphypy corridor

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Exploration has started

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Work Program

  • Geochemical survey:    (soil grid –100m x 200m)


  • 6500 samples is ready

  • Magnetic survey:              70 completed


Work to be completed by October 2024

  • Geochemical survey will continue.                            50 000 soil samples will be taken


  • Mapping and Prospecting - 2024                                   2 x Geologists 

  • Geophysics - 2024 Targeted MT & IP

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